Strengthen the capacity of local level disaster management committee and link with SWMO and RBOs to integrate the watershed management planning at local level

Rumjhatar, Okhaldhunga and Halesi, Khotang
LDMC strengthening event at Rumjhatar, Okhadhunga

The LDMC strengthening workshop was conducted during 19-20 Dec 2021 and 21-22 Dec 2021 in Siddhicharan-4 Rumjatar, Okhaldhunga and Halesi Tuwachung, Khotang respectively. A total of 65 participants including 5 females and 60 males (2 Dalits, 36 Janjati, 22 BCT and 5 others) participated in these two events. The event was conducted to strengthen the capacity of a local-level disaster management committee and link them with concerned institution like Soil and Watershed Management Office (SWMO), Okhaldhunga and Basin Management Centre (BMC) so as to encourage integration of watershed management planning at a local level.  The workshop was very effective as the local government particularly the ward chair or representatives got familiar with project and was able to put their views on the floor in the presence of Palika and institutional representative from Divison Forest Office, SWMO, and BMC.  The attendees from both the events agreed to coordinate and collaborate with DCRL to work effectively in multi-hazards particularly drought, disaster risk reduction and resilient livelihoods.