13 Jun, 2023

Conducting Training on Conservation Farming and Agro-Forestry

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Deadline :30-Jun-23 @ 07:15 AM (New York time)
Published on :13-Jun-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-NPL-00119
Contact :Procurement/UNDP Nepal – query.procurement.np@undp.org

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Introduction :

The DCRL project is being implemented at the pilot scale in the Lower Dudhkoshi watershed, a major tributary of the Sunkoshi sub-basin, located in the eastern part of Nepal. The project mainly focuses on water stress management related activities including construction of ponds, water source protection, utilization and management and water lifting schemes for water conservation and water productivity, conservation farming, cultivation of drought resistant NTFPs species, and capacity building activities on conservation farming and agro-forestry. DCRL has also been supporting local farmers with enhancing farmers’ knowledge on concept, importance and techniques of local context specific conservation farming practices, meaningful participation of women and youth in the conservation farming, and linking conservation farming with livelihood promotion of the beneficiary farmers. Furthermore, the Mid Term Review (MTR) of the project has suggested to develop local resource persons (LRPs) on conservation farming through organizing Training of Trainers (ToT) to the selected lead farmers of the project area. The LRPs will be providing facilitation support to the farmers of their settlement as well, and also contributing to coordination with stakeholders at local level.  

For the above mentioned purpose, DCRL has planned to hire a consulting firm for designing and conducting training on conservation farming and agro forestry practices for improved livelihoods to 550 farmers of the project area, and Training of Trainers to 25 LRPs. 

The overall objective of the assignment is to organize training on conservation farming and agro-forestry to the participants prescribed by DCRL project. Specific objectives of the assignment are as follows:

• Conduct 2 days conservation farming and agro-forestry training to the project beneficiary farmers

• Conduct 5 days Training of Trainers (ToT) to develop local resource persons (LRPs) on conservation farming.

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